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External Review's Review of aha CASA DO SOL HOTEL & RESORT

1 Would you recommend us to others?

For the price, other nearby accommodation would have been a better option.

2 How would you rate your overall stay and our facilities and amenities?

TRIPADVISOR - Renee B - 16 Jan 2019 - - - Not value for money - - - We stayed here on the 29th and 30th of December. There are no brochures of things to do and see. However, the neighbouring elephant sanctuary was promoted. The gardens are beautiful as are the pools. (

3 How did our team look after you during your stay with us?

The reception staff were not all friendly or welcoming.

4 How would you rate our rooms? (if applicable)

The hotel needs a face lift, from the exteriors to the rooms. The rooms are small and the furniture needs maintenance.

5 How would you rate our food and beverages?

The breakfasts were delicious, as was the meal ordered from the a la carte menu.