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by Adele Reviewa
on November 8th, 2018
So, you have made the exciting decision and commitment to travel. Your dream of travelling is finally becoming a reality and your excitement is obviously mounting.  As exciting as the experience is, the idea of what needs to be accomplished prior to your travel can be a bit daunting and sometimes rather overwhelming.  

From our research at The ReviewA on guest feedback, we have found some of the most common mistakes people have made when packing and preparing for their trip.  You know what they say... A wise person learns from their mistakes, but a wiser person learns from others!  So here are just 4 quick hot travel tips to ensure your dream does not turn into a nightmare:

1.           Scan and email your important documents to yourself.  Remember to use an email address that you will be able to use whilst travelling and at your destination.  Documents could include:
  • Passport
  • ID
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Card numbers
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical aid details
  • Travel itinerary
  • Ticket details
It will also be a good idea for friends or family to have copies in the case of an emergency.

2.           Research your trip and destination/s:
You will want to know what to expect so research the customs/culture, predicted weather conditions, do’s & don’ts, transport, food, tours, etc,. Be prepared and informed.

3.           Know your budget
Have a full and complete budget for your trip. You may enquire on your own or use a travel agent to get an idea what local tours, food and transportation costs.

4.           Packing
You will want to avoid, “everything but the kitchen sink”.  Pack according to the weather, depending on transport, permissible weight or space, destination.  However, always ensure you have your essential items such as change of clothes, toiletries, medication, power adaptors, comfortable shoes, and other essential items you cannot travel without.
We at The ReviewA like things to go perfectly for your trip and know that these tips will help you immensely.  

Have a wonderful trip and happy packing!