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by Elzette Smith (ReviewA)
on January 10th, 2019
You planned the perfect trip and everything was on track. And then the unforeseeable happens such as a missed flight or an airline delay, a natural disaster, illness, and other frustrating factors. 

In a previous blog, we discussed practical tips to not miss a flight, but in the event that your arrival at an airport or hotel is delayed and your itinerary changes, it will most definitely influence factors such as transport, accommodation, activities, or meetings. 

WE BELIEVE THAT INFORMED PEOPLE ARE CONTENT PEOPLE, SO IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU CONTACT THE RELEVANT PARTIES TO INFORM THEM OF YOUR DELAY. Ensure that you have all the necessary details e.g. contact numbers, contact name if possible, reference numbers, address, and any other relevant information.


There is no guarantee how each individual airline will handle your situation. Airlines have their own policy regarding missing connecting flights and it is, therefore, critical that you ensure you are familiar with their policies. 

An airline will not delay a flight for a passenger (unless in case of an extreme emergency). However, an airline representative can advise you of any information that could potentially help you in finding a solution or alternatives. Also, by informing the airline that you may potentially miss your flight, they may be able to give your seat to a standby passenger and hold you in good light for doing so.


This may be arranged through your hotel or privately. Upon your arrival at the airport, harbour, or bus collection point, a courteous driver/chauffeur would have been assigned to meet you, for example, inside the airport terminal. From there they will assist you with your luggage to the vehicle and then to your destination. Professional transport shuttle/taxi constantly monitor flight schedules and will meet you, even after untimely delays. 

If you are in a position to inform them beforehand that you have been delayed for whatever reason, it is courteous to inform them. This will assist them in not wasting unnecessary time and possibly even booking another client if possible. Most transport services have a 24-hour operations number which you should have with you.

Remember that each transport service will have a policy regarding collection and drop-off and it is, therefore, critical that you ensure you are familiar with their policies, terms and conditions. 


If you are significantly late or delayed in arriving at your hotel, the hotel might consider you “a no-show” and sell the room to someone else. If you have given a credit card to book the room, the hotel may keep the room available and charge your card for the first night's accommodation even if you do not arrive.

Most hotels will also look for ways to assist or accommodate your arrival in order to alleviate any other added or unnecessary stress. 

Hotel changes or cancellation policies differ so ensure you are aware of and understand the policies and procedures beforehand. If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to as so that you are not taken by surprise by any unexpected costs.


Once you have informed your transport and accommodation you need to consider what pre-booked activities have been scheduled. Has your delay affected any of these activities? Who do you need to inform that you need to reschedule or cancel? If anything, such as a tour, has been arranged by the hotel, you can politely ask the hotel to assist you with re-arranging the bookings for you.

Changes or cancellation policies vary so ensure you are aware of and understand the policies and procedures beforehand and if you are not sure, ask so that you are not taken by surprise by any unexpected costs.


You never want to create an impression of being unprofessional, so in the event of a business meeting that has been scheduled, because most company’s run on a tight schedule and time is money, we suggest the following:

·      Don’t panic. Compose yourself. 
·      Call Ahead. As soon as you know you're going to be late, contact the person you are meeting. 
·      Sound confident, yet friendly and professional and then apologise for the inconvenience.
·      Explain your legitimate reason for being delayed.
·      If possible, give them an estimated time of arrival so that you can give them options to reschedule.
·      Apologise again and thank them for understanding your circumstances.

Our aim at The ReviewA is to assist you in being able to enjoy your travel experience even when everything does not go according to plan. With these useful tips, you should be able to navigate through potentially difficult obstacles and end up still creating wonderful memories and stories to tell. 

P.S. Be sure to tell us all about your awesome experience at www.thereviewa.com… looking forward to hearing from you!