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by Elzette Smith (ReviewA)
on February 26th, 2019
“A memory is a photograph taken by the heart to make a special moment last forever.” – taken from iliketoquote.com

Being on holiday is the one time we normally all have our cameras, or cell phones, always ready to capture a moment.  We are in a new place, and we want to capture our surroundings and the happy memories we are creating.

The following tips from a few experts may be helpful ensuring you capture unforgettable memories:

1.         Tell your story

A good story is always engaging and you want to do the same with your holiday photos. Taking pictures of your trip at key moments from start to finish will help construct a storyline of your holiday. You could consider taking photos of the contents of your suitcase before you leave, your airplane ticket, the vehicle you are travelling in, the view from your airplane or car window, and interesting moments, places or people you encounter along the way. 

2.         Use the self-timer or a selfie stick

Often, the person with the camera is never in the photos so if your are travelling with friends or family, ask them to take photos of you as well.   Your camera's self-timer function is also very helpful in capturing photos.  Alternatively, the ever popular selfie stick is a great way for effortless selfies or group-shots.  There is also less risk of dropping your phone or camera and you will be able to take better high-quality and clear selfies because the selfie stick minimizes the shaky movements of your hands.

3.         Unique and unforgettable meals

Being on holiday in unique destinations or cultures is the perfect opportunity to try out local cuisines, discover new restaurants or indulge in treats.  Never forget what you ordered by photographing special or unique meals before you dig in. Sitting close to a window and shooting your meal from above is a good way to get great food photos.

4.         Candid moments

A great way to remember your trip is to shoot candid moments of your friends and family. Although posed holiday photos are inevitable, with a little extra effort, you can nab a genuine laugh or expression that is meaningful or a conversation starter.  Even if comes with plenty of eye rolling and the odd fake smile, taking plenty of selected photos of your friends and family, goes without question.  Many years after your holiday has ended, the photos you're likely to value the most are of people you know — not just the landscapes, buildings or inanimate objects. And your travel companions will thank you later.

5.         The destination

If necessary, with their permission, photograph the locals because nothing conveys a sense of place quite like seeing the people who live there.  Also look out for local and popular landmarks as well as local festivals that offer a glimpse of the local culture.

Our aim at The ReviewA is to assist you in being able to enjoy your travel experience which includes taking photos of a story you may fail to put into words.  With these 5 useful tips, we trust you will be remined of your priceless experiences and memories.