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by Elzette Smith (ReviewA)
on February 26th, 2019
Whether it is for business or pleasure, you are well rested and excited about your hotel stay or, tired, hungry and in a hurry to get to your hotel room, you can never afford to let your guard down when it comes to safety when staying at a hotel.

The following tips from a few experts may be helpful in staying safe and enjoying your stay:

1.         Arrival - Luggage

Never leave your luggage unattended.  Always keep your luggage near you or in your view to avoid any tampering or it being stolen.  Lobbies or receptions can be very busy and thieves will take advantage the situation so stay alert and avoid being distracted.  

2.         Privacy

Reputable hotels who have honest and reliable staff will never disclose names or room numbers to anyone outside.  However, should your room number be compromised in any way (example, announced out loud in front of strangers), then request to be given another room and your reason for your request. Your room number is a matter of personal security and you never know if a criminal was listening.

3.         Paying with a card

Never let your credit card be taken out of your site or leave it on the check-in counter.  Thieves are very resourceful and use all sorts of distractions to steal cards, or make use of strong cameras to capture the numbers.  When your card is handed back to you, ensure that it is your credit card and not someone else’s or a counterfeit card.

4.         Your room

Even if your key card or key works to lock your door, use a door wedge or door latch to further secure the door. 

If you are on the ground floor or high enough for a ladder to be used, ensure that your windows are well secured.

Familiarize yourself with an emergency number or the number to dial for reception or security.

5.         If you leave your room

ALWAYS lock away your valuable items that you do not take with, such as your laptop other electronics, documents or jewellery, in the room safe that is provided. If the safe in your room doesn’t appear safe, request for your valuables to locked away in the hotel safe. Ensure that you receive a written receipt for your items and ask about the coverage for loss. Some hotels will not accept liability for items left in the guest’s room safe, but may accept liability for items locked in the hotel safe.

If you lose your key or key card, report it to the hotel reception immediately and ask to have it replaced. If you are concerned that it may have been intentionally stolen, then request to be moved to another room for extra caution.

Our aim at The ReviewA is to assist you in being able to enjoy your travel experience and that includes a few safety tips where you are staying.  With these useful tips, you should be able to avoid any inconveniences any potential security or safety issues.