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by Adele Reviewa
on November 11th, 2018
Flying with your kids, especially when they are still little, can be stressful and sometimes just plain dreadful. Having looked at the reviews from others who have travelled with kids, you will be happy to know that there is hope and with these few ideas, we know that it will be less stressful and possibly even rather enjoyable...  So whether you’re flying with a toddler or pre-grade schooler who becomes kidzilla when bored or confined to small spaces, here are some ideas from us at The ReviewA to help you overcome some tormenting challenges:

1. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN and then PLAN some more.

Make lists of everything your toddler/pre-schooler needs when travelling.  Apart from all the essentials, such as travel documents, medication, change of clothes, diapers/pull ups if necessary, bottles, you can never have too many wet-wipes and healthy snacks.  A few treats for bribery has never hurt anyone.   You can never have too many wet wipes and snacks! Fill your bag, or their back pack, with snacks, games, playing cards, a portable DVD player in case the aircraft doesn’t have one.

2. Talking of games & electronics – keep it simple

Some games can have kids occupied for ages and make the flight fly by – you will know which games your child enjoys the most.  This also applies to technology. However, you will want to keep it simple – you are after all in a confined space and you don’t want to be overloaded with lots of equipment or games that are noisy or with pieces that can get thrown around (heaven forbid it hits another passenger or wakes them up!) So keep it simple. And the games we all loved as a child, like “I-Spy with my little eye” are still the best.  

3. Write notes and/or give a small chocolate for fellow passengers

Now this may seem over the top but in case you are worried about the look of the other passengers on your flight when they see you are sitting in front, behind or next to them, why not follow the example of parents who hand out bags of sweets or chocolates to fellow passengers on their flight.  Some even pen them a message of apology in advance.  

4. Check in early and choose your seats

When flying with the family you could find it difficult to sit together if you leave it too late to check in.  If you have not pre-booked your seats when purchasing your tickets, then do the online seat selection as soon as check-in opens.  This will give you the chance to select the seats that will best suit you and your child.  You will want to consider being close to the toilet, window or aisle, not over the wing if you want to look out, near the door, etc.

5. Keep the awe and wonder of flying

Flying can be fun. Remember that your little ones are probably quite excited about going up in the sky. Flying to them is exhilarating and mind-blowing – they can feel like a super-hero. Enjoy their excitement as you see it through their eyes and experience. If you are sitting by a window, be sure to point out the tiny houses or cars, the clouds, the setting sun…” 

From our conversations with travellers and guests at The ReviewA, we know the power of great travel and how it can ignite and excite your children to think bigger and better when they have been exposed to the world around them.  Create wonderful moments as you enjoy the privilege of sharing the excitement of travelling with your child.