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by Adele Reviewa
on November 11th, 2018
Eco-friendly travel and destinations... What a hot topic!  Everyone is trying to do their best to be kinder to our beautiful world.  We at The ReviewA are seeing many organisations in the travel industry proactively and progressively doing their part, and so can you as the traveler and guest.  Every little bit counts!  Together we can make a difference!
We can all be more Eco-friendly by following the 3 “R’s:  
  2. REUSE
These days, it’s crucial for you to adopt more Eco-friendly practices when staying at a hotel, resort, or lodge, from cutting down the towel usage in your hotel to saving water.  Here are five Eco-friendly tips to make your trips greener:

1. Before You Leave Your home

Don’t leave your home without turning off plugs and switching off the geyser. Unless of course someone is looking after your beloved pet.  Empty out your fridge and turn everything off. You’ll save electricity and can travel in peace knowing that if there’s a fire, it’s not because of a loose wire or your faulty hair iron you didn’t take with you.

2. Make Your Room Your Responsibility

Many people are choosing to engage in Eco-conscious lifestyles at home, so why not treat your hotel room as you would your home? You know your partner would be annoyed if you only used the linen or a towel once and let the electricity run the entire day while you went to work or shopping. So be gracious and, if possible, use the towel a couple of times, turn the air-con off when you’re out all day and cut back on showers and baths (especially if you’re in a drought-stricken area).

3. Reuse Your Water Bottle

All Eco-friendly travelers should invest in an Eco-friendly durable water bottle or, use the complimentary water bottle at your hotel more than once. Ask your hotel if they have a water-dispenser. You can fill your water bottle up at drinking taps (depending on the country you are in and the safety of the water), ask restaurants or buy a large filtered water bottle to refill your travel water bottle.  In this way you won’t be constantly throwing away bottles and money while helping to reduce litter.

4. Dispose Wisely

No matter where you are, always try to recycle and dispose of your waste accordingly. Don’t just throw away batteries or food into any old bin. Treat the place you visit as your own home and be aware of any regulations the city may have regarding waste. This could vary from different plumbing systems to island waste management control.

5. Enjoy Local and Organic Food

Eco-minded travelers often search for a hotel or resort where they can make sure they can easily dine on healthy, sustainable cuisine. Eating local, seasonal, organic food is a great way to ensure that you are dining on fresh, delicious, Eco-friendly meals. Opting to eat local ingredients can also bring you closer to understanding local community you are visiting and its unique culture.

We at The ReviewA want to be part of this great movement of helping to take care of our planet, so please feel free to share this information far and wide by simply clicking on the social media buttons at the top left of this blog and sharing it with your digital community. 

Have a wonderful trip and being part of being Eco-friendly and saving our planet!