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by Adele Reviewa
on November 11th, 2018
Depending on your destination and means of travel, there are always ways of packing light to make some things a little bit more practical.  After all, “sharing is caring” and why not show you care even more as you create new experiences together.  Steve Jobs summed it up perfectly when he said, “Life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing”.  

We at The ReviewA are seeing the continued trend in couples travelling to exciting destinations with great feedback from their travels and stays at beautiful locations . . . and some not so good locations.  One thing that is for sure, packing smartly will definitely help you have a good time wherever you go.  

So, without getting too heavy, here are just a few packing hacks to make your getaway load lighter together:

1. Share a suitcase/bag
Unless you are on a backpacking trip and don’t need to carry your life on your back, why not share a suitcase – preferably one with wheels.  A suitcase with wheels is the most travel-friendly. When you are moving, a travel-friendly suitcase has the advantage of free hands, for that hot cup of coffee, tasty snack or airplane tickets, reservation documents, or passports at an airport or hotel.

2. Have an easy to carry, unisex carry bag/backpack
Ironic after just reading point one, but without wanting doom and gloom, prepare for the worst, i.e., your suitcase gets lost or stolen.  Your carry bag should have all your personal and valuable belongings, as well important documentation, and if possible, a light change of clothes e.g. change of shirt or underwear – just in case.
3. Minimize your electronics
This hack might not always be possible because you may be inclined to each take your laptops, phones and all charging equipment. If possible, especially if you are going on a strictly holiday adventure; take one laptop and use your phones to connect to WiFi. One charger plug with dual ports is super convenient for both of you to charge devices at the same time, so you can both charge your devices using only one outlet. One camera may also be sufficient, given that now days, most of us have smartphones that can take excellent quality photos and/or videos. 

4. Share a toiletry bag
If you know you are going to share a bathroom, you might not need two toiletry bags and hundreds of products. Where possible, share products. Another space saver is to decant your large-product items into travel-friendly containers to bring your overall luggage weight and space right down.

5. Manage the luggage
A shared suitcase may not be the ideal solution for everyone, but either way, make sure both of you can manage your luggage, especially when it comes to packing into the truck/boot of vehicle, or overhead storage, or dragging through large groups of people, or upstairs.

As you know, The ReviewA is all about your feedback as the traveller and guest. We would love to hear some of your ideas on how you pack wisely, so feel free to comment on the thread on www.facebook.com/thereviewa to share your great ideas for packing for couples.  

For those couples heading out for an adventure of a lifetime soon, happy packing!